Do We Really Need to Keep Mammals and Animals in Captivity?

I didn’t always think about animals in captivity.  But in the past few years I have become more aware of what I now believe to be very wrong.  And my previous indifference has been replaced with a desire to free these animals, be they sea or land creatures.  Knowing that in many instances God’s wonderful gift to humanity spends time in a depressed and hopeless environment, within the confines of a cage or a seaquarium, breaks my heart.  These days it wouldn’t bother me if I never saw a lion or zebra or whale up close and personal.  Not being able to go to a zoo or seaquarium for the sake of looking at a bunch of caged and imprisoned beings would not diminish my quality of life.  So why do we imprison the animals and mammals, birds and reptiles having them live each day in an environment that only suppresses their natural born instincts?  Two reasons:  as a species we are selfish, and it’s all about the money.  Zoos and seaquariums rake in big bucks especially that popular one located in Orlando, FL.  Every time I see that Sea World commercial claiming that the whales are happy and that they love the whales, I want to throw up.  There is a pitiful creature still there even after he has killed three people.   I don’t blame the killer whale, I blame the institution.  Something that magnificent should never be imprisoned for the sake of our happiness.  His name is Tilikum and I just recently saw a documentary on his sad life.  To this day, after thirty long years, he remains with his dorsal fin bent over and there are times he doesn’t move for hours; he remains suspended.  It’s obvious that this whale wants out!  And, if we are compassionate beings, we should want him to be out, released back into the ocean where he belongs.  It’s a long story and I’ve listed the website below for the documentary “Blackfish”. It’s highly educational and a real eye-opener.  You will never be the same after watching it.  If you are moved by this, please let me know.  I believe there is strength in numbers and we could make a difference.  A clip from the documentary is here:

Note:  I feel the same about all creatures in captivity, not just sea creatures.  But, I can only focus on one at a time.  Also, I realize that rescued creatures are held in captivity because if they were left to fend on their own, they would not survive.  Sadly, there are still some animals and mammals being used for scientific testing.  Maybe there will come a day when this will no longer be.


2 Comments on “Do We Really Need to Keep Mammals and Animals in Captivity?”

  1. Tim Baker July 8, 2015 at 11:52 am #

    Well said Gi!!

    • babyboomersagas July 8, 2015 at 4:10 pm #

      Thanks, Tim. Do you know any organization that are proactive in getting the word out about whales/sea creatures in captivity?

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