Manhatten Special “Ouie” or Craving

If you’re older than 50 and have lived in or still live in the Tri-state area, NY, NJ, CT, you know what a Manhattan Special is.

Earlier today, out of nowhere, a bottle bearing the Manhattan Special logo flashed before my eyes and I suddenly had a craving for one.  I don’t know if it was a physical craving or one that was symbolic of my past.

I was eight years old when my father took me to a gin mill in downtown Paterson one afternoon.  We walked up to the bar and he lifted me up and sat me in one of the bar stools before sitting himself in the stool that was to my right.  He ordered a beer for himself and so I shouldn’t feel left out, ordered me a Manhattan Special.  It was the first time I had ever had one, and it was the first time I had tasted coffee in any form.

I don’t think it’s a Manhattan Special I’m craving, just a time machine.

Manhattan Special



3 Comments on “Manhatten Special “Ouie” or Craving”

  1. tovahsez June 1, 2014 at 4:37 pm #

    Can’t say I’ve heard of a Manhattan Special….it’s a coffee drink? what’s in in besides coffee? I love posts that reminisce about sweeter times we were blessed to live in….sweeter and simpler. The faster society and culture move, the more we wish it would slow down and enjoy simple pleasures more.

    • babyboomersagas June 1, 2014 at 6:33 pm #

      Hi Tovah,

      Yes, carbonated coffee drink, all surgery, too! On my post is a link to the company “Manhatten Special”. Just click on the name and it will bring you to the company and its history. Those times I write about were much more simpler. Nowadays, I have probably what some would call an unhealthy fear of being the target of some type of terrorism; I sense a dark cloud hovering. So sad that we have to live this way, gone is the age of innocence for us. Some of my closest and dearest relatives passed away just a year or two prior to 9/11. In fact, my Godmother passed away in April of 2001. I think if these folks were around to see it, it would have killed them. They were first-generation Italians and they were tough people. They were also extremely patriotic and loved this Country. They lived through The Depression and WWII, Korean, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Iraq, etc. Being bombed and attacked the way we were that September was something they would have freaked out over.

      • tovahsez June 3, 2014 at 8:50 am #

        Thanks for the info Gi. I share many of your feelings about our lost innocence. Those earlier times had their own share of problems e.g. “real” racism, etc. but overall we lived with less fear, embraced our families, respected teachers and church leaders, etc. My parents were first generation Americans. Dad’s parents were from Italy and Mom’s from pre-revolution Russia. They instilled values in us we still have, though we may have strayed for awhile in the 60’s (who didn’t?). I wrote cards/letters to my grandsons sharing some values to live by…trying to leave them a legacy of goodness and selflessness.

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