The unspoken consequences from the SCOTUS’s decision on same sex marriage from the bottom of my heart

Many Americans are opposed to same sex marriage in spite of the Supreme Court’s recent decision. No law can crawl inside someone’s brain and make them feel differently about something. That’s known as mind-control and I don’t think we’ve gotten that far, yet. Everyone has their opinion on the topic. As for me, I have a couple of thoughts about it. I’m opposed to a law that tells me I have to agree with the institution of same-sex marriage, or else. The fact that this law is shoveled on me, burying my long standing harmless belief, is a shock to my system. I’m having an internal battle on the subject. And, more importantly, I’m allowing myself to have this battle hoping to understand what I don’t understand, that this was made a law. I also question why my thoughts on same sex marriage are not in line with the SCOTUS’s decision or a percentage of the Country? What is it about same-sex marriage becoming the law of the land that I cannot accept? I had to reach down deep to bring to the forefront my feelings on this. And, a word to those who think of me and my contemporaries as ignorant suppressors of human rights, you are so very wrong.
I’m hoping to open a dialogue on the topic that is void of cynicism, sarcasm, mistrust, dismissal, and even, hate. Hopefully, it will be emotions more in line with appreciation and compassion, especially for those who still hold onto the belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. I only mention the one side because the ridicule and bashing of conservative beliefs by the liberal-leaning media is dominant and is meant to trivialize the opinions of conservatives and also to diminish their credibility. However, it should be obvious to the reader that my feelings are benign when it comes to gays. I was never opposed to civil unions between same sex partners because I believe (and still do) that they were entitled to the same legal benefits offered with the institution of “marriage” as I know it. And, I believe that most gays are gay at birth or close to it. I consider gays as my equal when it comes to human rights; I make no judgement as to their lifestyle. But, tampering with the definition of “marriage” in this Country and in this year of 2015 is not easy for me to wrap my head around. The idea of same-sex marriage being the law of the land seems so “way out there”. It’s definitely far thinking from the way I grew up. And before anyone starts spouting that I’m just some bitty that can’t handle or accept change, I have to stop you there. Again, you are wrong. In fact, I bore easily if there’s too little change going on in my life as long as it doesn’t scare me. This recent decision on gay marriage scares me.
For many, their opposition is based on their religious beliefs. For me, it’s more personal than that. My opposition is driven by fear and uncertainty. Fear that I am becoming invisible. Fear that I am losing my rights as a citizen of my Country and that no one is fighting for me. What’s in the future now that “marriage” is no longer an institution between only a man and a woman? What comes next? Did the members of SCOTUS consider my feelings when they ruled on the subject? And, let’s not stop at gay marriage because this is not just about gay marriage. How often in the future will I be overlooked when it comes to having any rights? Will I no longer exist in their eyes?

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